Bryant Electric Service offers breaker box and services panel wiring, upgrades, and repair services in San Antonio and the surrounding Bexar County, TX area. Our electrical technicians are thoroughly trained and equipped with a stocked electrical service truck prepared for any job. We offer multiple pricing options with each job, and with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we make sure you get the best craftsmanship and electrical safety.

Breaker Box Wiring

electrician wiring a breaker boxBryant Electric Service offers breaker box wiring for new installations, expansions, and electrical upgrades for residential properties. A breaker box takes electricity from the grid and distributes it across a series of circuit breakers. Circuit breakers are used to distribute electricity throughout a home to both maintain a steady flow of electricity, and to provide extra safety if an issue occurs. If there is a short circuit, power surge, or any electrical issue in a circuit, the breaker will automatically shut off stopping the flow of electricity.

New Circuit Installation

Circuit breakers may need to be installed in your breaker box if you are planning on installing any electrical appliances, adding additions to your home, or installing new outlets or lighting systems. Some electrical additions can be looped onto existing circuits, but it is important to do a proper inspection of the current circuit breaker load before any additional load is installed.

Circuit Breaker Upgrades

Older circuit breaker boxes were not designed to keep up with the growing demand for home electrical circuits and have a limited amount of circuit breaker slots. If additional power is needed in your home. a new circuit breaker box will provide additional slots to expand upon.

Electric Service Panel Wiring

service panel wiresBryant Electric Service offers electrical service panel wiring for new residential projects, and electrical additions. Electric service panels are similar to breaker boxes, but take electricity directly from the electrical grid and split it into different circuits. An electric service panel is typically found outside your home and is connected to an electric meter that monitors electricity usage.

Circuit Breaker Repair

electrician toolsCircuit breakers will shut off power if electricity is not flowing properly through the loop. If your circuit breaker will not reset or power is not reaching the circuit once the circuit breaker is turned back on, there may be an issue within the breaker itself or in the electrical wiring. Whether it is an appliance that is malfunctioning, an electrical outlet that is shorting or anything in between, Bryant Electric Service technicians will be able to identify the issue and get it repaired quickly.