electrical inspection of in wall wiring

Bryant Electric Service San Antonio offers expert electrical inspections for residential and commercial properties in the San Antonio, TX and the surrounding Bexar County. Our expert electricians and electrical technicians are thorough in addressing all aspects of an electrical system checking for adherence to electrical codes and standards.

An electrical inspection is a great way to pinpoint electrical issues when they are occurring and to prevent larger electrical problems from forming. Ensure the safety of your home or business, and schedule an electrical inspection with Bryant Electric San Antonio today.

Electrical Code

We check in accordance to the National Electric Code (NEC), created by the National Fire Protection Association, which declares the minimal safety standards for electrical systems across the U.S. It is important for a home or commercial property to adhere to the National Electrical Code to not only protect you from any issues, but to protect anyone who could come in contact with the electrical work whether it be through the sale of a property, a visitor, or another electrician.

When to Get an Electrical Inspection

An electrical inspection may be one of the final parts of the city permitting process when you have any major electrical additions installed in your property. These inspections cover only the electrical work that pertains to the specific job, and will not give you a full assessment of your entire property. An electrical inspection should be administered when you are in contract to purchase or sell a property when you are having to troubleshoot an electrical issue or have a major electrical addition planned.

An electrical inspection is especially important when purchasing a home because it could unravel possible issues that could cost you thousands of dollars to repair. When a home is appraised, a certain level of electrical assessment is administered, however it is important to get a professional and thorough assessment that covers all aspects of a property’s wiring.

Electrical Inspection Checklist

Here are some of the aspects we check through when we inspect a property for electrical code violations or safety issues.

  • Outdated wiring including knob and tube, or aluminum wiring
  • Loose electrical connections
  • Improper wiring gauges
  • Uninsulated electrical wire
  • Improper or outdated circuit breaker loops
  • Electric service panel layout, wiring, wear, and labeling
  • Exposed wires or electrical shock hazards
  • Energy inefficient appliances, wiring, and lighting
  • Proper grounding and GFCI protection
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detector placement and testing
  • Electrical outlet placement
  • Electrical fire hazards

Code Violation Repair

Although we hope to not find any issues, during our inspection we will lay out any code violations, and potential issues with your property’s wiring through a thorough assessment. If possible, we will present our findings in person offering additional information about the quality of your home or property’s wiring.

Bryant Electric Service San Antonio offers a variety of safety and code violation repair options to best match your ideal price range.

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