Bryant Electric Service San Antonio offers expert electrical wiring for new installation projects, repair work, and home additions in the San Antonio, Texas area. Bryant Electric Service can tackle any home electrical wiring project including electrical outlets, light fixtures, switches, home additions, electrical expansions, and upgrades. Our electricians are fully trained, licensed, insured, and equipped with a stocked service truck prepared to tackle any electrical wiring project you may have.

Electrical Outlet Wiring

If you are running out of plugs to power electrical devices and home appliances, it may be time to install additional electrical outlets in your home. Powering large electronic devices and appliances by using power strips may cause overloading of your circuit breaker. It is important to get the help of an electrical professional when adding additional electrical outlets to ensure that your work stays up to code and your electrical safety is not compromised in your home.

old two prong outlet

Two Prong Outlet Upgrade

Two-prong outlets are common in older homes when grounding wires were not required in electrical devices. If your home still has two prong outlets, you will need to upgrade to newer three prong outlets, or GFCI outlets to ensure that your home is safe from electrical issues, and stays up to code. Because two prong outlets do not have a grounding wire, you may be using a cheater plug to plug in three prong plugs into the wall. These cheater plugs should not be used long term and can cause serious electrical damage to your home and electronic devices.

GFCI Wiring

Ground fault circuit interrupter also knew as GFCI outlet offers top of the line electrical safety by stopping electrical connections at the outlet if an electrical issue is detected. GFCI outlets are mandatory in most building codes for rooms where water is present like kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. GFCI outlets will stop an electrical shock from occurring if an electrical device makes a connection with water or if an electrical device surges.

240-Volt Outlet Wiring

240-volt outlets come in three prongs and four prong varieties, and offer additional electricity through using two, 120-volt electrical wires for the power. 240-volt outlets are commonly needed for electric dryers, electric ovens, some refrigerators and freezers, electric water heaters, and various other large appliances.

Electrical Lighting Wiring

We offer interior and exterior home light wiring for lighting upgrades including LED lighting, security lighting, landscape lighting, recessed can lighting, kitchen lighting, and bathroom lighting. Our electricians work with you to get the best lighting possible outside and around your home.

Electrical Switch Wiring

We offer electrical wiring and layout for dimmer switches, smart home light switches, light timers, and motion sensor switches in your home. We will work with you to lay out the placement of light switches and make sure everything is up to code and industry standards.

Knob and Tube Replacement

Knob and tube wiring is an older method used in homes built before 1950 that does not use fully insulated wires or junction boxes. Knob and tube wiring is extremely dangerous and can cause electrical fires and other electrical issues if not replaced with a sustainable wiring system. Signs that your home has knob and tube wiring is if you still have two prong outlets instead of three prongs, you still have electric fuses instead of circuit breakers, and lights dim when you turn on other appliances.

Ceiling Fan Wiring

Installing ceiling fans in your home is a great way to circulate air and cut down on your cooling costs during the summer. We offer ceiling fan installation and replacement for both new and existing ceiling electrical fixtures.

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