Bryant Electric San Antonio offers home lighting installation services for inside and outside your home. Our electrical wiring professionals are highly skilled and trained in electrical lighting layout. They’ll work with you to make sure your home’s lighting is up to code and exactly what you had in mind. We offer electrical lighting services for kitchens, bathrooms, garages, and any room in your home.

Room Lighting

row of hanging lights on blue background
For bedrooms, family rooms, living rooms, dens, offices, and all of the other rooms in your home we will tackle a variety of home lighting installation for a variety of your needs.

Dimmable Lighting

Dimmable light switches can be replaced on most electrical switches depending on the electrical fixture used in the lighting. Ceiling fan lights are not dimmable and certain pendant lights that use smaller light bulbs are also not dimmable. We have dimmable switched compatible with both LED’s and incandescent light bulbs.

Dome Lighting

Dome lights are a light fixture that extends out of a ceiling with a fluorescent or LED-powered light inside of a colored plastic or glass dome. This type of lighting is great for single lighting a room allowing the light to diffuse through the dome to reach the entire room.

electrician installing ceiling fanCeiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a great way to lower your air conditioning and heating bills by better circulating air in a room. They make it feel warmer in the winter by blowing hot air down into the room and cooler in the summer by blowing cold air around the room. Ceiling fans can be installed in replace of existing dome lighting fixtures or can be wired into a new loop in a room.

Kitchen Lighting

kitchen lighting
Kitchen spaces can be difficult to manage with a more simple approach to lighting installation. With above-countertop cabinets, vent hoods, and large appliances, there can be dark corners and unlighted sections in the room. If you are looking to increase your kitchen’s lighting we offer new installation and lighting renovation services to not only increase lighting but your energy efficiency.

Strip Lighting

LED and fluorescent strip lighting can be added underneath cabinets to bring light to the countertops below. Kitchens with ceiling can or track lighting usually have hard shadows on countertops which makes the area harder to work on. Below cabinet lighting will bring out your countertops while also adding excellent mood lighting.

Can Lighting

Can lighting is recessed into the ceiling allowing for a seamless disruption of headroom. Can lighting is great for more than just kitchens for its ability to light up specific areas and for the ability for it to be wired in sections allowing you to control the amount of lighting in a room.


Chandeliers are great for some kitchen areas that have a nook or dining area attached. Chandeliers split up a room and offer additional lighting while adding some beauty. We can help you with chandelier lighting installation and making sure that everything is electrically up to code.

Track Lighting

A track lighting system fits bulbs onto an adjustable track allowing you to adjust the individual placement of each light. Track lighting is great for larger rooms where you can adjust what parts of the room you would like to light up without having to install a can light above it.

Pendant lighting

Pendant lighting is great for bar tops, nooks, and dining areas where light fixture accents would not be an intrusion and where mood lighting is needed.

Bathroom Lighting

bathroom lighting
Bathroom lighting arrangement and the type of bulbs you use in the space are incredibly important for the best mirror usage and for minimum shadows. It is also important to pick out the right lighting layout especially if you are working with a smaller space.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed can lighting is ideal for bathrooms and any smaller space because it keeps ceiling space intact. In smaller rooms, light fixtures that hang down or are extended from the ceiling can make the room feel smaller than it is. Recessed lighting in bathrooms will open the room up and offer lighting that is ideal for space.

Bathroom Fans

Bathroom fans and lighting combinations are wired into an electrical switch that can either turn on when the lights in the bathroom come on or turn on independently of each other. Bathroom fans remove any unwanted scents from the room and help with clearing out moisture from hot showers.

bathroom vanity lightVanity Lighting

Proper vanity lighting is important to ensure your mirrors reflection show the best and clearest results possible. Vanity lights typically are furnished with yellow light incandescent bulbs which bring out the most natural skin tone which is ideal for applying cosmetics.

Outdoor Lighting

outdoor lighting
Outdoor lighting will drastically increase safety, security, and the beauty of your home at night. With motion sensor lights for driveways and entryways, path lighting for walkways, and flood lights for water features and trees and shrubs, there are a lot of outdoor options to explore for your home.

Shed Lighting

If you need to get to your shed at night or want to also protect it with security lighting, wires can be run out to sheds and detached units to offer power for lighting and any other electrical needs. Interior shed lighting is great for small areas and makes working in sheds much easier during nighttime or the winter when there is low lighting.

Path Lighting

Path lights are great for homes with long front walkways and backyards with paths. Some small dome lights can be purchased from hardware stores that use a solar power battery pack to charge in the daytime and light an area at night. For the best lighting, a path lighting system can be wired into an indoor light switch.

installing outdoor motion lightMotion Lighting

Motion sensor lights also known as security lights will turn on when there is motion detected within its field of view. You can select the range, how far away motion should be detected, and the length of time your lights should remain on when the motion is detected. For most homes, motion lighting is a smart lighting installation near the front, side, and garage doors in your home. Security lighting can also be installed along fences and other areas in your home that are susceptible to vandalism or high traffic.

Flood Lighting

Flood lights are larger beams that can be projected onto your home or around your home onto landscaping, trees, and water features at night. Flood lights will keep your yard looking its best at night and is great if you are entertaining outdoors after sundown.

Porch Lighting

Porch lighting for your front entryway or backyard is great for offering extra security, safety at night, and for keeping areas lit at night. Porch lights are available in ornamental housings, simple in the ceiling, outdoor chandeliers, and motion flood lights.

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