An electrical inspection is a full analysis of an electrical distribution system to determine safety and adherence to local and national electrical codes. Electrical inspections will most importantly determine the safety of your electrical wiring to assure that no hazards of shock or fire are present.

When an Electrical Permit is Pulled

An electrical permit is critical to ensure that inspection and approval of electrical work carried out on your property conform to the existing safety codes. Lack of an electrical permit during the inspection could jeopardize the safety of a home or business and even the ability to obtain financing, insurance or sell the property.

It is a requirement by law for property owners and electrical contractors to have electrical permits, and an electrical inspection, for each new project or electrical maintenance. Failure to adhere to electrical permit laws, one may be fined, subjected to civil penalties or have their power disconnected, to ensure that their electrical systems do not put anyone at risk until inspected.

New Major Electrical Additions

Adding new electrical appliances such as thermostats, large motors, intercoms, etc. could affect the integrity of the existing power system. Some devices require a hard line to your electrical wiring, and in such cases certified electricians need to make inspections and do the installations for you. An electrical fault may complicate your warranty or consumer protection by the dealer if there is not a proper inspection or installation administered by a professional.

To protect your investment and family, it is important to get a proper permit and inspection.

Electrical Renovations

If you live or work in an old building over 40 years, there is a good chance that you have a hard time adding additional electrical appliances and devices onto your existing wiring. You might need to expand your electrical service panels to bring in more electricity, or expand your circuit breaker to allow for additional wiring loops.

Selling or Buying a Home

When completing a real estate deal, it is essential to inspect the integrity of the electrical system, both its wiring and components, on a property and avoid situations that would be expensive to repair in case of electrical faults in the future. If there are existing faults, the issues may need to be addressed by the seller prior to the homes sale.

An overall pre-purchase inspection report can include an electrical inspection report in addition to heating, plumbing, and other structural safety reports.

Besides keeping you away from electrical fines, getting an electrical inspection could help you safeguard your rights, keep your family and investment safe, as well as help you get a good deal as you sell or buy property. Learn more about our electrical inspection services in San Antonio, or contact Bryant Electric today.